Myrta Merlino: Mistero e Sostituzioni a Pomeriggio 5

Ciao a tutti, let’s talk about the absence of Myrta Merlino from Pomeriggio 5 on March 22, 2024. If you’re a regular viewer of Pomeriggio Cinque, you may have noticed Myrta Merlino’s absence in the promo for the March 22 episode, wondering why she wasn’t hosting the show. Instead, Giuseppe Brindisi is back at the helm, filling in for Merlino just for today.

Contrary to what you might think, there are no sensational secrets behind Myrta Merlino’s absence from Pomeriggio 5. According to, about a month ago, the host requested two days off: one for today’s episode and another for early April. The reasons behind these days off are purely family-related and seem to be enjoyable for Merlino. Today, in fact, Merlino traveled to London to be with her daughter.

This short break gives Myrta Merlino the opportunity to spend time with her family. The host will return to the helm of the Canale 5 program starting from Monday. In recent days, Myrta Merlino has been at the center of some rumors. It seems that the future of Myrta Merlino as the host of the Canale 5 program is somewhat uncertain. There is talk of possibly replacing the host starting next year. Cesara Buonamici could step in, the face of TG5 who made her debut as a commentator on Grande Fratello alongside Afonso Signorini this year. According to rumors from Dagospia, she could be the perfect replacement for Myrta Merlino, who hasn’t been as successful in terms of ratings since Barbara D’Urso left the scene.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for more updates. See you soon!