Censura imbarazzante a Ciao Darwin 2023: Paolo Bonolis copre le parti intime di un concorrente

Paolo Bonolis “censures” a contestant’s private parts during the Ciao Darwin 2023 Cilindroni challenge: here’s what happened. During the final Cilindroni challenge at Ciao Darwin 2023, Nicola and Demetrio compete in an intense quiz. However, before the confrontation begins, the host must “censor” an embarrassing mishap: one of the members of the Tamarri group, due to a fluttering pareo, risks exposing his private parts. “Well, the…you know, the equipment, was slipping away…” thunders Paolo Bonolis. “Cover yourself!” the host reiterates with a bit more clarity, while Demetrio tries to compose himself amidst general laughter and the “gratitude” of the presenter. “You are truly kind, but excuse me, it was indecent, it seemed like a dare…” Bonolis ironically remarks. As the Cilindroni challenge continues, Demetrio is forced to rearrange his pareo since it seems to have lost control. And so, promptly, Bonolis scolds him: “Would you mind covering that thing!” The contestant responds with a timid mea culpa. “It’s a problem that haunts me,” admits the thirty-two-year-old from Reggio Calabria. Between one “censoring” intervention and another, the challenge continues until the Tamarri group’s victory, without any further incidents along the way.