Lo chef Lorenzo Biagiarelli rompe il silenzio: La sua versione dei fatti e il futuro nel programma

Lorenzo Biagiarelli, chef and host of the show ‘È sempre mezzogiorno’, has broken his silence. Recently, he found himself in the midst of a controversy surrounding the death of restaurateur Giovanna Pedretti. Since that day, he has not returned to the Rai1 studio. The story gained significant media attention, as the woman, who was found dead in the waters of the Lambro river, had responded to a homophobic review from a customer. However, her version of events was called into question by Selvaggia Lucarelli’s partner.

After the total chaos and numerous social media attacks, Antonella Clerici announced that Lorenzo Biagiarelli would not be present. Now, after weeks, he returns to social media to tell his side of the story and reveal his future on the show. In the meantime, he shows no remorse, stating, “I cannot and do not want to apologize for the death of Giovanna Pedretti. If I were to do so, I would be one of those who uses her death to my advantage, to rehabilitate myself. I prefer to maintain a sense of suspicion.”

The chef says he feels the need to “tell, for the first and last time,” what has happened to him in the last month. He starts from the beginning, saying, “I see the review, it seems fake to me, and I write about it, taking care to censor the name of the pizzeria, the owner, and even the location.” He then continues in the long video, explaining that he called the owner to hear her side of the story. The phone call was “cordial, and the woman reiterated several times that she had gone to the police station that afternoon to talk about these events.”

But after the tragedy, death threats and hateful messages began to arrive, says Lorenzo Biagiarelli. He continues, “Did I unleash a witch hunt? This is one of the many falsehoods that have been said about this story, since even a communication agency called Arcadia had to be called in to find traces of this social witch hunt. And incredibly, there are none.” After explaining that he will not apologize for this suicide because he prefers to keep “the stigma, the doubt, the suspicion, rather than attempting the path of pity by saying something I don’t believe. And I will accept all the consequences of this choice with tranquility,” the blogger concludes with an announcement.

He will not return to Antonella Clerici’s show. “I take this opportunity to inform you that unfortunately, the conditions no longer exist for me to resume my role on È sempre mezzogiorno! So, you will no longer see me on air. However, I would like to thank all those who have never stopped showing me affection, and there have been many, because despite the attempt to destroy me being almost successful, I hold onto that ‘almost’ and the solidarity of those who understood what dirty game was being played,” concludes Lorenzo Biagiarelli.