Fiorello ironizza sul caso della censura in Rai: tre comunicati finti!

Fiorello ironizes about the censorship case in Rai: “We receive press releases”

In today’s episode of VivaRai2, Tuesday, February 13th, Fiorello, with his usual irony, teased Rai CEO Roberto Sergio after the well-known case of ‘censorship in Rai’. Going in order, two days ago on Domenica In, Mara Venier read a statement from the CEO of Rai, Roberto Sergio, in which he distanced himself from the statements made by Dargen D’Amico and Ghali in favor of the population of Gaza. Both artists had launched messages of peace and called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Rai’s distancing itself from statements that are agreeable, such as calling for a truce in the conflict and, above all, stopping indiscriminate attacks on the Palestinian population, sparked controversy on the web, with accusations of censorship. Today on VivaRai2, Fiorello made fun of the whole situation by reading three fake statements. The first one declared, “The Rai management supports the hosts without mustaches, as they are too reminiscent of Stalin, and therefore their immediate removal is requested.” While on another one it was read, “Rai dissociates itself from the presence of a host on the right and one on the left of Rosario Fiorello. From the next episode, it is requested that they both be on his right.” The last one is brilliant: “Rai distances itself from Rosario Fiorello. The blatant resemblance to Massimo D’Alema is a clear electoral manipulation. For fairness, in the next episodes, he will have to resemble Maurizio Gasparri.” Fiorello concludes, “Can I say that D’Alema is more handsome than Gasparri?”

Fiorello takes a stand on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “There are no second-class deaths”

In today’s episode of Viva Rai2, there were not only jokes and laughter. Getting serious, Fiorello took a position on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, inviting his audience to stand on the side of all the victims. “Let’s remember, guys, that war is ugly for everyone…in war, everyone loses. I know it may sound quite banal, but it’s the truth in the end, and there are no first-class and second-class deaths, especially when children are involved. That’s the worst thing.”

After closing the topic, Fiorello continued his show with a special guest: Diodato. The singer-songwriter, who recently participated in Sanremo 2024 with the song “Ti Muovi,” announced all his upcoming projects and, above all, took part in a funny gag. For days, he has been the target of jokes on the web after someone hacked his Wikipedia page, so on Viva Rai2, he joked, “Yes, it’s true, they discovered that I, Ghali, and Dargen D’Amico are six subversives.”

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