Sanremo 2024: La straordinaria rinascita di Alessandra Amoroso

Sanremo 2024 – Amici has been her launching pad. But like all stories of a respected artist in the music world, Alessandra Amoroso tried twice before taking off. The first experience was in 2007: it was an unsuccessful attempt, she didn’t manage to enter Maria De Filippi’s program. So she promised herself to become a nun. After all, the girl has always had a strong faith, she sang in her parish choir and even served Mass as an altar girl.

Evidently, music was in her destiny. Because in 2009 she tries again and this time it’s the right one because Alessandra Amoroso wins the final victory, the prize of 200,000 euros and a scholarship of 50,000 euros. This is her definitive consecration until her latest single “Pezzo di cuore” sung together with her lifelong friend Emma Marrone.

As for her private life, Alessandra Amoroso had a relationship with Luca (2014): he was her childhood friend and was the first great love of her life. Then she met Stefano Settepani, who was her boyfriend for years, as well as her manager. In an interview she gave some time ago to Gente magazine, the singer said: “I was struck by his sense of humor. He knows how to make me laugh, listen to me, guide me. With him, I feel like I’m growing. I’m jinxing it, but it’s a serene period. Of happiness. Actually, I’ve always wanted marriage and a child. I hope it comes at the right time so that I can dedicate all my time to them. Besides, I have a rooted family behind me.”

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