Marisa Laurito a Tv talk: l’eredità di Sandra Milo e il suo desiderio di leggerezza

Marisa Laurito a Tv talk: “I would have liked to have the lightness of Sandra Milo”

Marisa Laurito was a guest on the show Tv talk where, along with other commentators, she remembered the beloved Sandra Milo, who passed away a few days ago at the age of ninety. The actress spoke about her colleague and friend, stating that she was a great actress who worked not only for Fellini but also for Pietrangeli, Zampa, Steno, and other important directors of that time. Laurito mentioned that she always asked her how that cinema and that TV were and that she loved her light-hearted character, which allowed her to do different things in the world of entertainment. At that point, Laurito said, “A lightness that I don’t have and that I would have liked to have because she, in the end, somehow always won, while I have said no more than yes in my career.”

Marisa Laurito: “I took a leap into the unknown by working with Arbore”

Continuing to remember Sandra Milo (the actress will also be remembered on Verissimo), Marisa Laurito agreed with commentator Specchia, who said that in his opinion, TV did not treat Milo very well, not exploiting her great talent as an actress and giving her entertainment roles that were debatable and closer to gossip than to her authentic image. Then the focus shifted to Laurito, with the man saying that she went from Eduardo De Filippo to Renzo Arbore, who is the Eduardo of TV. At that point, the Neapolitan actress mentioned that she spent eighteen years in theater between De Filippo and Arbore and that when she accepted to work with the TV presenter, she was the leading lady of Bagaglino and literally took a leap into the unknown since they didn’t know how it would go.

Laurito on Sandra Milo: “I believe she was born as a character, but she was much more”

Towards the end of her intervention, Laurito responded to the presenter of Tv Talk, who asked her if Milo was joking with her somewhat naive way of being. She said, “I have known Sandra for a long time, but I have deepened our relationship in recent times by working together on the program Quelle brave ragazze, and I can say that I have reflected a lot on this aspect.” She continued by stating that in her opinion, Milo was born as a character but was much more than that. She was a strong, intelligent, cultured, and lively woman who understood well what she chose, also because she always did everything for her family.