La tragica storia di Jessica: il racconto choc di Justine Mattera su Verissimo

Justine Mattera: “What my sister told me on her deathbed”. The shocking story told by the woman on Verissimo, the program hosted by Silvia Toffanin. The girl exposed the tragic situation she had experienced in recent weeks. Her sister Jessica underwent heart surgery, a heart transplant that almost cost her life. The relationship between Jessica and Justine was complex, with a heavy sense of guilt that often led the showgirl to interrupt the interview due to uncontrollable tears: “My sister Jessica has a tragic story behind her.”

And again, Justine Mattera: “The first one is autistic and her husband died a few years later due to a car accident. A life full of traumas that forced her to leave New York to live near our parents in North Carolina.” Then last summer, Jessica joined Justine in Italy, but the two sisters had a very bad argument that ended like this: “I never want to see you again.” Mattera then tells: “My sister Jessica and I had a somewhat conflicting relationship that lasted our whole lives because she wondered why I was always healthy while she was always sick. She never forgave me for leaving home to study at Stanford in California.”

Mattera then says: “She took it as abandonment, but I had to live my own life.” On her deathbed, Justine flew to her. However, Jessica did not accept her and said, “Why are you here? I have deleted you from my life.” Then the situation improved and worsened again quickly: “As soon as I landed in Milan, my mom called me to tell me that Jessica was on her deathbed again, the priest was coming for the last rites, and that I would never make it in time.”

Justine Mattera concludes: “But I tried because she couldn’t do this to me, she couldn’t die and leave me like this. She had to give me a second chance. I arrived when she had finished the heart transplant surgery and woke up. She saw me and told me that while she was fighting the demons inside her, she saw me. She told me that I saved her, thanks to me she had the strength to not give up. We resolved that conflict that had kept us apart forever.”