Amici 23: Giovanni Tesse in sfida rischia grosso

Amici 23, Giovanni Tesse in grave danger in the challenge. Giovanni Tesse is among the competitors at risk of elimination in Amici 23, hosted by Maria De Filippi, as he is in the challenge. As revealed in the latest daytime show of Amici 23, dated January 12, 2024, broadcasted on TV networks and Mediaset streaming. During the latest episode on Canale 5 and Mediaset Infinity streaming, Giovanni Tesse witnesses the first dance rehearsals of the potential challengers, including Francesco, who was nominated for elimination in the talent show. “Bravissimo,” says Giovanni Tesse, visibly impressed by the talent of the potential challenger Francesco, and his rival teammate and pupil of Raimondo Todaro, Nicholas Borgogni, encourages him to stay calm. “I’m not getting agitated,” Giovanni Tesse tries to relax, but he admits to feeling upset at the thought of having to leave the talent show produced and hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Is Giovanni Tesse the new eliminated contestant in Amici 23? “What the hell am I supposed to say,” exclaims Giovanni Tesse, to whom Nicholas Borgogni then shows his support for Amici 23 hosted by Maria De Filippi, “you shouldn’t underestimate yourself.” The latinist Giovanni Tesse just can’t accept the possibility of leaving Amici 23: “what I’m doing here is the dream of my life…I lose everything, I sacrificed 19 years of my life to come here and I have to reach the final and win…I go to lessons for ten hours every evening. I swear it has to be bloodshed!”

So, is Giovanni Tesse the announced eliminated contestant in Amici 23 hosted by Maria De Filippi? Meanwhile, the active fandom on the web urges the young latinist to face the challenger with confidence, certain of Giovanni Tesse’s talent. Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding the talents exiting the singing circuit of Amici 23, Mew and Matthew, heats up…