Accese polemiche tra Anita, Letizia e Beatrice: il Grande Fratello in tumulto

Grande Fratello, polemics about the words of the two housemates Anita and Letizia. In recent weeks, the two contestants have been the protagonists of heated clashes with Beatrice Luzzi. The actress, as you know, is not particularly liked inside the House, unlike what happens outside where the public adores her. And Anita and Letizia have certainly been among the most critical towards her.

With Anita, the war has been going on for weeks and recently the 26-year-old blonde has appeared to be particularly in crisis. With Letizia, the relationship has become increasingly strained and in recent days there have been several episodes. Like, for example, Beatrice’s request to be photographed by Sergio and not by Letizia as planned. Now both Anita and Letizia have launched messages that are creating a lot of controversy.

These are not easy days for Anita Olivieri, who has also been reprimanded by Alfonso Signorini for her behavior, especially towards Beatrice, but not only. Now it’s a black crisis for her and on more than one occasion she has expressed her intention to leave Grande Fratello. Anita then recalled when she was the favorite of the public along with Beatrice Luzzi, but Stefano Miele exposed her by revealing the percentages of the votes. And she has sunk back into bitterness.

Then it happened that Anita ended up nominated and on Monday night she could really leave the House. Now a video has emerged in which Anita and Letizia are in the garden and make strange requests to the public: “Let me out, vote for me to leave,” says Olivieri. “Send me in nomination,” adds Petris.

In short, it seems that the two contestants are now tired of the constant tension that is felt in the House. Neither Anita Olivieri nor Letizia Petris can stand being targeted by criticism and reproaches anymore. Moreover, there are quite a few who want to see them out of the House, so it is not certain that their requests will not be accepted by the voting public.